Integrated Makeup Course

14 days-3 weeks

This course is for students who does not have enough time for longer training sessions to learn hairstyles and makeup . This course will help you to become a hairstylist and a makeup artist in a short span of time. The course includes everything from basic simple looks to advance stylish techniques to the latest trends.This course is only for one on one basis training for personal attention. Students will have to carry their own hair equipment and makeup products.


Hair Course Syllabus:


Hygiene and Safety

Basic Hair knowledge

Equipment and product description

Equipment and product training

Types of hair pins and correct use

Basic blow drying techniques

Plaits- Three strand, French and Fish tail

Hair straightening

Tonging / Electrical curling

The perfect pony tail

Twisting and Pinning hair

Styling long hair – Classic bun

Back combing / Brushing

Beehive hairstyle

Indian wedding hairstyles

Arabic wedding hairstyles

European wedding hairstyles


Makeup Course Syllabus


History of make-up / Theory

Color Wheel / Colour correction / Composition

Equipment knowledge and Usage / Theory / Hygiene

Make-up products And Tools / Theory

Skin care / Theory / Skin Analysis / Skin Preparation /Cleaning /Toning and Moisturizing

Face Geometry / Face Shape / Eyes / Nose / Eyebrows / Lip shapes

Face Sculpting / Eye Shapes / Eyebrows Shapes / Eyeliner Shapes / Practice

Vertical Classical Makeup

Asian Makeup –  1 Lesson  / Practice

European Make-up – 3 Lessons  / Practice

Smoky Make-up – 2 Lessons / Practice

Cut-Crease Eye Make-up – 2 Lessons / Practice

African Make-up – 1 Lessons / Practice

Arabic Make-up – 3 Lessons / Practice

Indian Make-up – 2 Lessons / Practice

Creative Make-up – 2 Lessons / Practice

Fashion Make-up – 1 Lessons / Practice

Age Make-up – 1 Lessons / Practice

Party Make-up – 1 Lessons / Practice