Makeup trends for 2020

2020 is here, and it is the time for beauty enthusiasts to obsesses over what fashion has in store for the coming months. 2019 saw the ebb and flow of makeup trends such as monochromatic makeup, use of yellow, strong brows, loud pink blush, extensive use of glitter, etc. Whereas 2020 is expected to see some gorgeous, contemporary makeup trends to set you apart from the rest! From never-ending eyeliners, to bright colours and the classic red lips, here’s a look at the top 10 makeup trends for 2020.

1. Pop coloured eyeliner

Why not swap the basic black liner with a bright neon colour? The year 2020 shall see the bright, beautiful colours in play. Focus on eye makeup will continue to trend this season, so make sure you do not hold back and experiment with your eye makeup!

2. Red lipstick

The classic red lipstick never fails to impress! Pair it with an elegant gown or just a casual white shirt and the red lips will always make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Dewy skin

Looking for a natural yet trendy look? The dewy skin trend is the perfect go-to for your fresh look! Pair it with nude lips and dark outfits and you are ready to roll!

4. Goth lipstick

Is summer always for the light pinks? Why not try the bold and dark, almost black lipstick instead? Pair it with the usual black liner and neutral clothes, and your badass look is all set!

5. Smokey eye

Just like the red lips, the smokey eye is never out of trend! Be it for the runway or just an evening with drinks, the smokey eye is the preferred eye makeup that most women opt for. And it pairs well with all outfits.

6. Coloured mascara

It’s time to make a shift from the mundane black mascara to something more exciting and attention-grabbing! Experiment with hues of light pinks and greens for your eyelashes and make the most of this new makeup trend!

7. Dewy brows

Bid adieu to the ‘Instagram brow’ and say hello to the trendy sharp brow of 2020 – dewy brows. A slick look with a wet, glossy finish, that is sure to turn up the heat even more.

8. Red smokey eye

Here is an interesting take on the classic smokey eye makeup trend. Switch things up using the ruby-red smokey eye and stand out from the rest! Pair it with a subtle, light coloured lipstick and surprise everyone with your brand new look!

9. Mismatched eyeshadow

The concept of ‘everything matching’ is done and dusted now. Go bold and try different colours on each eyelid. You can experiment and go for highly contrasting colours like orange and blue or can even go for similar hues like baby blue and lilac.

10. Pink lips

Why always go for the bold red lips? Make a statement with the hot pink lips this season in 2020! Go for a matte lipstick instead of a creamy one and make it long lasting.

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