Makeup tips for Winter: Part 2

In part 1 of our winter makeup series, we brought to you some makeup tips for that natural healthy pink glow, following the trends of 2019. As we all know, January is the month of fresh starts, new beginnings, and celebrations. Time to discard the old you and embrace change and the opportunities that come with it. Naturally, your look has to be on point.  Hence today, in part 2, we bring to you two looks that will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. The Galactic Dust

The festive season is all about darkening your eyes and using bold colours. For the eyes, use the darkest of the dark kajals you have and give your eyes an outline.  With Bobby Brown’s charcoal eye shadow, start smudging outwards from the kajal outline towards the crease of your eyes. Blend it well to give your eyes a shocking blackout look. It gives you the perfect smokey eyes for the winter party nights. To add some colour and highlight, dab some M.A.C galactic glitter eye shadow (the lavender hologram shade would be perfect for this) on the centre of the eyelids to make the eyes pop. Use the bold youthful nude pink shade in soft matte lip cream Rome by NYX on the lips. Add a subtle nude blush to the apples of your cheek with upward strokes to complete the look.

2. The Snow Queen

When you put on your winter wear, you aspire to look nothing less than snow queen herself. For this bright, chirpy day look, prepare a flawless base. Take out your color correctors in orange and greens. Cover your dark circles with orange and use green for the acne spots and scar marks. Blend it well and apply a long stay foundation that matches your exact shade. Your flawless base is ready. Use tints by The Body Shop in shades of pink and red generously to give yourself that healthy winter blush. Feel free to add some on the bridge of your nose as well to give the illusion of natural glow.  For eyes, colour the crease with ‘Away we glow’ shadow palette by NYX, using shades of darker peach to give depth to the eyes. Let there be some fireworks at the center of the lid. Use MAC’s Galactic Holographic Glitter in iridescent white and apply generously to attract attention to your eyes with all that glitter. Apply a lot and a lot of mascara and curl the eyelashes to add drama.