Makeup tips for Winter: Part 1

Winter is the perfect time to glow. The makeup stays, the skin is relatively free from the perils of suntan, and apart from little dryness, the integrity of the skin is maintained. This is the perfect opportunity to exploit the weather in your favour and look “naturally” pink and pretty during the holiday festivities. Here are some of the best makeup tips to get the natural healthy pink glow, following the makeup trends from 2019. After all, what will be a better way to bid adieu to 2019?

The mattes on the lips

Don’t shy away from the natural pinks or bold red mattes that complement the shades of pink on the face. Experiment with different shades of red, from orange tinge to wine reds. Dab a small portion of the product on your cheekbones and just blend away to get natural blushing cheeks.

The flush of blush

Get a fresh, youthful, healthy glow with well-blended shades of pink, peach and mauve. Blend the blush well on your cheeks, bridge of the nose, and the forehead. Blend it so well that it appears to be your natural flush of pink.

Dramatic eyes

Feel free to go graphic on your eyes. Draw dark and elaborate lines, sketch attractive designs with eye pencils, or go crazy with wings. The year 2019 welcomed all the extreme eye lines to attract attention to the eyes.

Subtle firework on the eyes

Smokey eyes came back on the ramp walk, but in neutral or golden shades. Avoid bold colours and pay attention to the complexion of your skin to bring out the natural colour of the eyes.

Dewy skin and slippery lips

To keep the fresh youthful look going, this year kept itself away from matte skin. Use of highlighters in the shades of pink and gold was extensive and strategic. Cheekbones, temples, and noses were majorly highlighted to give the illusion of inner glow.

Glitz and Glam

The use of shimmer, from the shades of silver and gold to bold colours in all shapes and sizes was rampant on the ramp. Limit the use of shimmer to the eyes, to give your skin an innocent, no makeup, and healthy pink look.

These are a few simple tips to give yourself that perfect December blush for the festivities. This year we moved away from the nude look, to unapologetically minimalistic but ‘very much there’ makeup. It is young, fresh, bright, and brilliant. Simple yet glamorous, this kind of makeup can be carried daily and can be beautifully molded into the season’s festive look as well.